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Collecting in the Crossroads

Today the vibrant and renovated Crossroads Arts District is home to more than 60 galleries and art spaces, hundreds of artists, and many independent studios. On the First Friday of each month, thousands of visitors flock to the neighborhood to hop from gallery to gallery, enjoy live music, and dine at stylish restaurants.

Despite the Crossroads Arts District’s rapid growth and success, there is a broad gap between the number of working artists and the number of art collectors in town. That is why Todd Haenisch is passionate about bridging that gap by educating others on the thrill of collecting and its positive impact on artists and on our community.

“Collecting art in Kansas City changed my life,” Todd Haenisch stated. “When I started collecting in the mid 1990s, there were only a few galleries…and a few dozen artists in the Crossroads. It has been exciting to watch the progress over the years.”

Collecting in the Crossroads includes a wide mix of paintings, drawings, ceramics, and mixed media works from artists who live, work, or have exhibited in Kansas City.

Exhibit Artists

Jesse SmallScrappers Lantern (2008), steel

Jim LeedyUntitled platter (nd), stoneware

Jim LeedyUntitled platter (nd), stoneware

StretchChunk 1and 2 (c. 1999), etched glass on metal stand

Mark Southerland, untitled, instrument parts, fabric and fur

Jose Ika, untitled, paint and fabric on found wood

Dylan MortimerPortable Baptismal (2002), painted wood, vinyl

Matt WycoffDrawing of My Truck (2006), graphite on paper

Wilbur NeiwaldRed Apartment Building, oil on canvas

 StretchNeon Bone (1996), edition 1 of 2, metal and neon

Jesse SmallDragon Boat (2003), porcelain

Jack ReesSurform 0881 (2008), flatbed printing with UV inks on polycarbonate, flexed and fastened with threaded steel studs, square nuts and rubber faucet washers

Asheer Akarum, untitled, wood, metal, ceramic and mixed media

Mary Ann StrandellPaid Orb, ed. 1/5, (2004), 3D lenticular print on Sintra

David Ford, untitled (1992), acrylic on canvas

Eric SallBalls Out (2005), oil on canvas

Archie Scott GobberPlay it Safe (c 1991), enamel on panel

Mott-ly, collection of untitled works (c1998-2007), found and mixed media collage

May Tveit, Cul de sac, ink on print

Rachel HaysScrap Bomb (2006), plastic, fabric, staples, wood

Lori Raye EricksonDang (2005), mixed media

Kendall Kerr, Esposito (nd), India ink, pencil and collage

Lester Goldman, untitled, oil on canvas

Mark Cowardin, untitled (faucet), paint on wood

 Sharron PattenUndisguised (1994), oil on canvas

Jeremy McConnell, untitled, oil on canvas

Peregrine Honig, untitled, drawing on paper

Susan White, Thought Pattern (2005), pyrograph on paper

Jim Leedy, Geometry in Space (1999), oil on canvas

Reilly HoffmanPharoglyph #2 and #5 (2011), torch carved steel

 Lynus Young, untitled (2001), painted wood and mixed media

Jimmy Trotter, untitled (cartoons), drawing on paper

Anne Austin Pearce, untitled, watercolor on paper

Json Myers, untitled (2003), tryptich, scorched wood

Davin WatneUntitled/Car Crash (c 2000), oil paint on car trunk

 Warren RosserDouble Dip (2001), oil on canvas

Debra Smith, untitled (c 2004), antique kimono fabric and vintage silk organza

Ken Ferguson, Adam & Eve (c1980), stoneware

Larry McAnany, Summer Breeze (2004), mixed media

Dan Frueh, untitled, photograph

Roxy PaineScumak (2001), polyethylene

Nate Fors, untitled (c2000), enamel on inflated inner tube

Jesse SmallJibberish (2008), ghost sculpture, porcelain

Ken Ferguson, untitled (basket), stoneware

James WoodfillUnited Signal (c 1996-97), steel, electromechanical components and light bulbs, prototype for the Freight House Signal Project