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Fair and Balanced

“Our scale collection surprises and delights people every time,” said Ingrid Adel, sales support manager at Fairbanks Scales, the nearly 185 year-old industrial scale company headquartered in Kansas City.

Consider the 1920 green enamel and brass grocery scale that both weighs and calculates costs of meats and produce, or the 1919 dairy scale with five brass beams capable of weighing each additional item separately. Each scale beautifully showcases Fairbanks Scales’ state-of the art technology and the role of scale innovation in American industrial history.

A 1930 scale for grain testing, for instance, was developed as a direct result of rules by the newly formed United States Department of Agriculture. Health advice offered in the catalog listing for a cherry wood personal scale built between 1886 and 1889 reflects medical advice of doctors today: “There is no more important index to general health than personal weight.”

Fair and Balanced features a wide variety of scales and associated items, including a postal and package scale dating back to 1862, and several important patents of Fairbanks Scales products. Other items on display include antique postage, barrel, and counting scales, and early images of the company, its products, and famous users.

About Fairbanks Scales

Founded in 1830, Fairbanks Scales has become one of the leaders in the industrial weighing market by creating and manufacturing an unrivaled range of weighing equipment solutions. From bench, parcel, counting, floor, and truck scales to animal, railroad track, and a full range of specialty scales, Fairbanks Scales has a reputation for being the most agile and attentive industrial weighing partner in the business. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., the company is also uniquely positioned to provide services for non-weighing products based on its nationwide contingent of technicians who can provide preventive maintenance and consistent, reliable service.

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