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Wild Savage Beauty

“We stand witness to the most successful and enduring preservation of wildlife in all of Africa.  This series of films, images and sounds take you deep inside the Wild Savage Beauty of Botswana from the Moremi Game Reserve to the remote Central Kalahari desert.  This eight year labor of love will show you there are truly wild places left on our Mother Earth worth conserving for all generations.” 

- Steve Lumpkin, cinematographer and photographer

Habitat loss and poaching has fueled the rapid decline of wildlife in Africa. The statistics are staggering, and here in the Heartland, it may feel like a distant problem. To help advocate for change, KC artist Steve Lumpkin created a non-commercial, non-profit project to showcase the success Botswana’s conservation efforts.

Wild Savage Beauty features photography, video, and audio captured during many trips to remote game reserves in Botswana, Africa. As visitors view the images, they will be transported to the bush with audio recording of the African environment, such as a lion’s roar, a hyena’s mournful call, and birds singing in the trees.

Botswana’s semi-desert and grasslands support a wide range of species, and it is home to the world’s largest elephant population. Lumpkin captures intimate and exhilarating images of wild animals in their natural habitat. Elephants, cheetahs, wild dogs, zebras, and antelopes are captured in wild, savage, and beautiful moments. His work also honors the landscape and supports ecotourism.  His goal is to remind the public how important it is to conserve this irreplaceable habitat and protect endangered animals – and what could be lost.

About Steve Lumpkin

Steve Lumpkin is a Kansas City-based cinematographer, photographer, and the creator of Endless Treasures of Botswana. His ETB dream team includes Moses Ntema, Joster Malawake, Eddie Thabare, and Bucks Taolo. 

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